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The BuZZ...
Our Story

We established BeeHIVE Royal in 2020 because of our commitment to curve health-related issues in our dogs. 

The answer was closer to home than we anticipated, we decided to craft products made with a supplement we ourselves take daily-- bee pollen. Bee Pollen is a unique mixture packed with healing properties if taken regularly.


We eventually made dog treats that our dogs absolutely loved that supported skin, joints, and overall immune system health.


We believe that dogs deserve natural food infused with healing benefits that adds value to their growth and development - just like us!


Our MISSION is to engineer wholesome dog food and treats infused with bee pollen and other natural ingredients to help dogs thrive physically and mentally!


Our VISION is to be the most dog-centric company that focuses on decreasing disease-related mortality and increasing longevity in dogs by introducing high-quality food, treats, and supplements that are accessible globally.

Genesis 1:26

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